Messages from the County Coaching Organiser -


The County CCO would be interested to know if any clubs would be
interested in an IMPROVER course session

Please liaise with him for further details about this or any other coaching matter


Coaching in Glamorgan: County Coaching Organiser – Dave Roberts

A very well done to Neath Archers Chairman, Mr Kelvin Haines, who not only Won County Coach Of The Year, but also was awarded Welsh Coach Of The Year !

Congrats to all the new County Coaches. 3 of whom are in the GAA

A Reminder to Coaches from the County Coaching Organiser :-

“Clubs and coaches should know that if they do not renew within a year of the due date from when their coaching qualification will lapse, If they wish to continue as a coach after the deadline, they will need to re-sit the exam/assessment at their expense. “

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LEVEL 1 Coaching Course


Hi all,

Please find info from Henry Fray regarding the level 1 coaching course at Llandaff City Bowmen.

The following dates have been set for a Level 1 Archery Coaching Course at LCB:
16 and 17 March (days 1&2)
21 April (day 3)
2 June (assessment)

Cost of the course is £265.

Contact me at


IMPROVER Courses Available :

Members who would like to attend an improvers session please can you liaise with Dave via if you, or any of your clubs are interested
in an Improver Session.

Glamorgan is looking at setting up some sessions, once a
venue has been sourced I'll have dates for about half a dozen or so
sessions, the cost will be driven by the cost of the venue and any
target faces we use during the sessions.

If any clubs would like to host these sessions could they also please
let me know and include a cost per hour for bosses etc.

These sessions are open to all archers regardless of ability or bow
type, but would prefer that they have been shooting on a regular basis
and have there own equipment.

I currently have a County Coach willing to coach and a couple of Level 2
coaches, any other coaches who would like to help out are more than
welcome, again could they please let me know if they are interested.



ARCHERY GB Coaching Plan for Archery (2017-21)

Great coaches are essential pillars of support that enable people to fully experience enjoyment, progression and achievement in archery. That's why we are committed to investing in coaching. The aim of the Coaching Plan for Archery (2017-21) is to provide coaching that is visible and vibrant in all places where archery happens.

It is our intention that by 2021 we will have strengthened the coaching system so that it develops people who are skilled at providing motivational coaching experiences, using a British framework. More people, particularly in their first two years in the sport, will have regular access to good quality coaching. The value of coaching and what it takes for it to thrive will be understood in more places. Data and insight will also be more effectively used to demonstrate the impact of coaching and inform our decision making.

To read the coaching plan in full please click here