Improving GAA visibility and helping you getting a lovely new flag :

Glamorgan Archery Association will make available a one-off grant of not more than £150, for the purpose of supporting GAA affiliated clubs promotional activity and improving the visibility of GAA within affiliated clubs. GAA will make this funding available to meet the cost of club promotional materials such as flags, banners, posters, etc....

All material MUST carry the approved GAA logo in a visibly prominent position.

Click >HERE< for full details and eligibility criteria (the original closing date has been extended from the one stated, but may be withdrawn at any time)

Below is the Glamorgan Archery Association logo which is required to appear on your new flag/banner/poster/ etc...

Just right click the image and choose 'save picture'

If you have any doubt if your design qualifies just send us a picture or screen shot and we can easily give you an answer.

Below are excellent examples of how clubs have incorporated the GAA logo into their flags. 

GAA logo


Blandy Jenkins  - >> <<  

Bowmen of Gower  -  >> Bowmen of Gower Facebook page <<     >> BOWMEN OF GOWER FIELD ARCHERY PAGE <<

Cambria Archers

Careau  Dragon Bowmen  - >> <<

Caradog Archers

Castle Bowmen & Castle Bowmen Juniors  -   >> <<      

Celyn Archers   -  >> <<

Celtic Archers   - >> <<

East Lodge

Neath Archers  -  >> <<

Perriswood Archers

Llancaiach & Senghenydd

Silvercloud Archers

River Darcy Archers  -  >> River Darcy Archers Facebook page <<


Swansea University

Llandaff City Bowmen  - >> <<  

Ogmore Valley Archers  - >><<

Pentref Bowmen   -  >> Pentref Bowmen Facebook page <<    >> <<

RJD Archers   -   >> << 

If your club badge isn't shown, just let us know -